The Watercooler Warehouse

What we did: Branding / Responsive eCommerce Website Design & Development

The Watercooler Warehouse aims to sell anything and everything within the watercooler industry at the most competitive price online.

Seeking a modern eCommerce solution and brand identity that reflected it’s “stack em high, sell em cheap” approach, The Watercooler Warehouse hired 3RD Iris Creative for the job.

The brief was to create a busy looking website, designed in a way that complements the companies brand and aims.

3rd Iris Creative achieved a design that allowed for many offers on screen at once, giving the end-user a multitude of bargains to choose from, yet it remains simple to use and easy to find what you’re looking for.

Check out the website at www.thewatercoolerwarehouse.com ›

The Watercooler Warehouse Website and Branding Design

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